Where does our meat come from?

The selection of noble meats on the menu includes prime cuts from all over the world.
Japanese Kobe, Prussian steer, Rubia Gallega from the Iberian Peninsula, American Angus and Tomahawk, Bavarian Kaiserin Scottona.
These are complemented by national excellences such as Chianina and Piedmontese scottona.
T-bone black USA
U.S. tenderloin
U.S Angus Black
Argentine Angus
Canadian T-bone
Kobe Wagyu
Australian Tomahawk

The noble meats

  • rubia
  • kaiserin
  • manzetta
kobe beef

Kobe Wagyu

"wa”(Japan) e "gyū”(ox) world-famous specialty favored by top chefs. Characterized by a high amount of unsaturated fat, which is distributed on the tissues in such a way as to generate the well-known white streaks similar to marble veins, better known as marbling. It is this latter quality that makes it particularly flavorful, tender and prized.

The term Kobe denotes the particular selection of oxen raised in a specific area of Japan.

rubia gallega

Rubia Gallega

literally Bionda di Galizia – an ox from the northwestern region of Spain. It owes its name to the color of its unusually golden fat. It is slaughtered no earlier than 8 years old, and the minimum maturation period to enhance its qualities is 40 days. The unique flavor of this meat originates from the Atlantic seaweed on which the ox naturally feeds, carried to the Iberian coast by ocean currents.

scottona kaiserin

Scottona Kaiserin

Bavarian scottona is obtained exclusively from a female over 16 months old that has never given birth. Extreme tenderness of fiber characterizes the scottona, as well as a good amount of infiltration fat (15-17%). This is also why slaughtering takes place before the animal reaches a weight comparable to a male head, so as to avoid excessively fatty meat.

The animal can be adorned with the exclusive Kaiserin brand only after a strict selection process.

Manzetta Prussiana

Manzetta Prussiana

A unique marbling that generates a unique meat selection. It comes exclusively from small farms in northern Poland (former Prussia), bordering Germany, farms where this particular breed lives in the wild. The Manzetta owes its very high quality precisely to its degree of intense marbling, comparable to Kobe meat alone. Very tender and tasty tissue, the fatty part imparts sweet notes, partly due to the intake of sugar beet in the weeks immediately before slaughter.

A menu to be enjoyed even with the eyes

From appetizers to desserts, every dish offered on the menu requires the intervention and control of Chef Alessandro Spina. Nothing is left to chance; aesthetics and taste together deliver a memorable experience.


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